Government of Karnataka

Sl No Project No. Project Title Date of start and duration Location Scheme Head Amount (Rs. in Lakhs)
1 DR/GOK-7 Popularization of biofertilizers scheme for germplasm collection and microbial inoculants. 1985

GKVK Dr. Sriramulu, K.R., Prof., Biofertilizer Scheme, Dept. of Microbiology, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 14.00
2 DR/GOK-47 Research on arecanut production technology, specific to different agroclimatic situation through on station and on-farm trials. Nov. 2001

3 years.
Navile, Shimoga. Dr. M. Mahabaleshwar Hegde, Prof., Dept. of Horticulture, AC, Shimoga. 30.50
3 DR/GOK-50 Demonstration of high-tech agriculture by adopting Israel technology. Nov. 2002

3 years
GKVK Dr.Krishna Manohar, Associate Prof. of Horticulture, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 5.71
4 DR/GOK-54 Sujala watershed project. 2001-02

Hebbal Prof. K. Pandurangaiah, Coordinator, Watershed Project, Hebbal, Bangalore-24. 105.00
5 DR/GOK-59 A profile of Krishi Prashasthi Award Winning farmers and the factors contributing to their success. (Extn. upto December 2006) Nov. 2003

1 yr
V.C.Farm, Mandya Dr.K.Shivaramu, Training Organizer, KVK, VC Farm, Mandya. 1.00
6 DR/GOK-60 Monitoring and concurrent Evaluation of CSS RVP and NWDPRA Schemes in Southern Districts of Karnataka. Nov. 2003

5 years
GKVK Dr. Y.S. Arunkumar Professor (Econ.), DRs Office, GKVK, Bangalore 50.00
7 DR/GOK-61 Community Based Tank Management Project Consultancy Services. Oct. 2002

5 years
GKVK Dr. N. Nagaraja Programme Coordinator, CBTMPCS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 2249.00
8 DR/GOK-63 Confirmation of Beneficial Effects of Traditional Seed Treatments in Field Crops. May 2004

2 years
GKVK Dr. S. Rajendra Prasad, Special Officer, NSP, GKVK, Bangalore-65 1.30
9 DR/GOK-64 Constitution of teams for implementing integrated farming system demonstrations funded by Sujala Watershed project. June 2004

3 years
Hebbal Dr.G.Eshwarappa, Director of Extension & Nodal Officer & Dr.H.Khader Khan, Extension Leader & Co-ordinator, EEU, Hebbal, Bangalore-24. 38.81
10 DR/GOK-65 Fisheries Research assessment of the impact of participatory Watershed Development in Karnataka. Aug. 2004

2 years
Hebbal Dr.C.Vasudevappa, FRO, Inland Fisheries Unit, Hebbal, Bangalore-24. 36.48
11 DR/GOK-66 Testing and incorporating Neem products & Neem seed extracts as a local resource for IPM in different cropping systems of three selected Sujala watershed areas of Karnataka. Sept. 2004

3 years
GKVK Dr.A.R.V.Kumar, Assoc. Prof., AINP on White Grubs, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 16.45
12 DR/GOK-67 Economics of ground water recharge through sustainable watershed development. Nov. 2004

2 years
GKVK Dr.M.G.Chandrakanth, Prof., Dept. of Agril. Economics, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 13.89
13 DR/GOK-68 Development of fish production technologies through integration and participatory process for complementary use of water in micro watersheds in Karnataka Sept. 2004

3 years
Hebbal Dr.D.Seenappa,Associate Professor (Aquaculture), EEU, Hebbal, Bangalore-24. 14.12
14 DR/GOK-69 Documentation, evaluation and modification of hand tools to reduce drudgery for farm women in Agriculture operations. Sept. 2004

2 years
GKVK Mr.N.Indrakumar, Prof., Agril. Engg., DLAP, UAS,GKVK, Bangalore-65 11.75
15 DR/GOK-70 Ropalidia marginata (Hymenoptera : Vespidae) A novel – Bio-control agent for management of Lepidopteron pests in Sunflower and Chickpea (V). Sept. 2004

3 years
GKVK Mr.K.Chandrashekar, Assoc. Prof.,(Ent), AICRP on Chickpea, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 8.11
16 DR/GOK-71 Institutional & economic analysis of water harvesting in different micro watersheds in eastern and central dry zones of Karnataka Nov. 2004

2 years
GKVK Dr.N.Nagaraj, Prof., Dept. of Ag. Economics, GKVK, Bangalore-65 10.87
17 DR/GOK-72 Identification tissue culturing and promotion of Neem in Sujala Watershed areas of Long term sustainability in terms of IPM. Farm income and crop diversify in Silvi-Horti and Silvi-Agri system. Sept. 2004

3 years
GKVK Dr.Balakrishnegowda, Prof., of Forest & Env. Sci., Agricultural College,UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 16.35
18 DR/GOK-73 An Economic assessment of the impact of participatory Watershed Development in Karnataka. Sept. 2004

2 years
GKVK Dr.S.Suryaprakash, Prof., Dept. of Ag. Economics, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 10.91
19 DR/GOK-74 Operational Research Project on Management of Sugarcane Woolly aphid Ceratovacena Longiera Zehnter in Southern Karnataka. Jan. 2005

3 years
GKVK Dr.V.T.Sannaveerappanavar, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Ag. Entomology, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 9.61

20 DR/GOK-75 Operational Research Project on Management of Red headed Caterpillar in Groundnut. Jan. 2005

3 years
Pavagada Dr.V.C.Reddy, Professor of Agronomy, DR’s Office, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 20.00
21 DR/GOK-76 1.Decentralised planning in Tumkur Zilla Panchayat.
2.Economics and opinion of farmers on SRI method of Paddy cultivation.
3.Impact of watershed development programme on farmers of Tumkur.
(Extn. upto December 2006)

1 year
ZARS, Mandya Dr.K.Shivaramu, Training Organizer, KVK, VC Farm, Mandya. 1.10 (each)
22 DR/GOK-77
Identification of bio-fuel species (Honge) in Kolar districts of Karnataka. Feb. 2005

One year
GKVK Dr.K.T.Prasanna, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Forestry & Env. Sci., UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-65 14.50
23 DR/GOK-78 1.Peoples participation in watershed development programme : An Exploratory study.
2. Role of Watershed Associations in Watershed Development programmes
(Extn. upto December 2006)
March 2005

1 year
V.C.Farm, Mandya Dr.K.Shivaramu, Training Organizer, KVK, VC Farm, Mandya. 1.05(each)
24 DR/GOK-79 Implementation Karnataka State Policy on organic Farming 2004-05 for conversion of ARS, Naganahalli in organic cultivation. May 2005

3 years
ARS, Naganah
Dr.Vasantha Kumar, Sr. Farm Superintendent, ARS, Naganahalli. 5.75
25 DR/GOK-80 Decentralised planning in Davanagere Zilla Panchayat.
(Extn. upto December 2006)
May 2005 V.C.Farm, Mandya Dr.K.Shivaramu, Training Organizer, KVK, VC Farm, Mandya. 1.10
26 DR/GOK-81 Consultancy services for establishing silt monitoring post in Sujala districts of Karnataka (Kolar, Tumkur & Chitradurga). May 2005

3 years
GKVK Dr.M.A.Shankar, Chief Scientist, DLAP, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 6.00
27 DR/GOK-82 Promotion of export trade in Agriculture in Southern Karnataka Jan. 2006

2 years
GKVK Prof. G.Nanjundagowda,Professor, Department of Ag.Maco, GKVK. 31.72
28 DR/GOK-83 Centre on Organic Farming Research Oct. 2006

5 years
ZARS, Navile Dr.N.Devakumar, Co-ordinator, ZARS, Navile, Shimoga 655.40
29 DR/GOK-8 Documentation of the Existing Practices of Organic Farmers to Prepare Package of Organic Crops Oct. 2006

One year
GKVK Dr.V.C.Reddy, Professor of Agronomy, DR’s Office, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 12.50

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