Department of Horticulture, GOK

Sl No Project No. Project Title Date of start and duration Location Scheme Head Amount (Rs. in Lakhs)
1 DR/H-6 Evaluation of vegetable seeds for seed health to improve seed qualities. 2003-04

3 years
Chintamani K.P.R.Prasanna, Prof. of Seed Tech., CoA, GKVK. 1.54
2 DR/H-7 Studies on seed production processing and seed technology for major vegetable crops 2003-04

3 years
Bangalore K.P.R.Prasanna, Prof.. of Seed Tech., CoA, GKVK. 3.00
3 DR/H-11 Detection and avoidance of somaclonal variation in vitro propagated Banana. 2004-05

3 years
Bangalore T.H.Ashok, Prof. of Biotech., CoA, GKVK. 5.95
4 DR/H-12 Survey, Conservation, Evaluation of Cashew varieties and establishment of Scion Banks in Eastern Dry Zone of Karnataka. 2004-05

One year
Bangalore M.Chandregowda, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Hort., CoA, GKVK. 2.00
5 DR/H-14 Development of agro-techniques for organic cultivation and assessment of quality parameters for potential medicinal and aromatic plants in Karnataka. 2004-05

2 years
Bangalore K.Umesha, Prof., Dept. of Hort., GKVK./td> 2.26
6 DR/H-14 Heavy metal levels in vegetables and fruits grown on soils irrigated with sewage in peri-urban, Bangalore. 2005-06

3 years
Bangalore V.R.Ramakrishna Parama, Prof., Dept. of SS&AC, CoA, GKVK. 9.988
7 DR/H-15 Bio-compost enrichment for organic cultivation of horticultural crops with special reference to medicinal, aromatic and dye plants. 2004-05

3 years
Bangalore D.Radhakrishna, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Agril. Microbiology, GKVK. 8.22
8 DR/H-18 Lab to land programme of plantation and other garden crops in Shimoga district. 2005-06

3 years
Shimoga Y.V.Shetty, Professor (SS&AC),ZARS, Shimoga 4.05
9 DR/H-19 Establishment of Plant Health Clinics July 2006 Bangalore Dr. A.N.A.Khan, Professor & Head, Dept. of Plant Pathology, GKVK. 100.00
10 DR/H-20 Establishment of Disease Forecasting Units July 2006 Bangalore Dr. A.N.A.Khan, Professor & Head, Dept. of Plant Pathology, GKVK. 20.00

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