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AKMU - An Overview :
The advent of Information Age has thrown open new challenges and opportunities for Indian Agriculture. Vastness and diversity of our agriculture is reflected by the fact that it caters to incredibly diverse habits and practices of our agrarian population. The new World Economic Order and Globalization of markets calls for prompt and efficient infrastructure, better resource management and competitiveness of existing agricultural production system. Agricultural Information is vital to fulfill these dictates of time. Quick access to information at global level through electronic media thus provides the way to tackle future challenges of Indian Agriculture.
The Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU) came into being in the terminal years of the VIII plan using funds from the National Agricultural Research Project (NARP). The goal of the AKMU is to strengthen Information Management Culture using modern tools within the National Agricultural Research Information System (NARS) so that agricultural research becomes more efficient and effective.
  • To put information close to managers and scientists.
  • To build the capacity to organize, store, retrieve and use the relevant information into the agricultural research infra-structure.
  • To share the information over NARS and
  • To improve the capacity to plan, execute, monitor and evaluate research programs.

A beginning was made by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, providing bare minimum hardware and software to 49 ICAR Institutes, 10 Project Directorates, 27 National Research Centers (NRCs), 28 State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and 120 Zonal Research Stations (ZRSs). This enabled these institutions to get electronically connected and have E-mail facility. All the SAUs were encouraged to create Local Area Networks (LANs) in their campuses.
The AKMU has four information modules namely;
Agricultural Research Personal Information System (ARPIS).
Agricultural Research Financial Information System (ARFIS).
Agricultural Research Library Information System (ARLIS) and
Agricultural Research Management Information System (ARMIS).
In addition, training and Agriculture Research Information Centre (ARIC) are integral part of the over all effort.

  • Monitoring of AKMU Cell at GKVK and in all constituent colleges and ZARS at different campuses of the University.
  • Conducting training programme about AKMU for the personnel who are working at all constituent colleges and ZARS of the University.
  • Maintenance of Internet connectivity at GKVK and Hebbal.
  • Design and development of University website with the assistance of web designer.
  • Maintenance and updating of UAS website periodically.
  • Maintenance of mail server and provide e-mail IDs to the users.
  • Providing assistance to the LAN clients in accessing internet.
  • Scheduling and conducting of AKMU Committee meeting and attending to all the works entrusted by the AKMU Committee including modernization, purchase and maintenance of hardware and software as per the procedures.
Providing statistical consultancy to the staff and students for their statistical analysis.

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