UAS Sponsored Projects

Sl No Project No Project Title Date of start
and duration
Location Scheme Head Amount
(Rs in Lakhs)
1 DR/UAS/RP-1 Effective utilization of coffee pulp for sustainable rice yields in Western ghats of Karnataka May 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mudigere Dr.K.M.Devaraju, Assoc. Prof. (Agron.), ZARS, Mudigere 0.18
2 DR/UAS/RP-2 Survey on the incidence of cotton pink bollworm in Chamarajanagar area. May 2006
1 Yr.
C.Nagar farmers field & ARS, Nagenahalli Dr.T.Shivashankar, Assoc. Prof. (Entomology), EEU, ARS, Nagenahalli, Mysore. 0.20
3 DR/UAS/RP-3 Collection and evaluation of Drumstick genotypes in EDZ of Karnataka May 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Dr.J.Shivanna, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Horticulture, AC, GKVK 0.16
4 DR/UAS/RP-4 Performance of promising cotton hybrids/ varieties under varying fertility condition in rainfed situation at Chamarajanagar district. May 2006
1 Yr.
KVK, Chamara-janagar Mr.B.G.Shekhara, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, V.C.Farm, ZARS, Mandya 0.16
5 DR/UAS/RP-5 Evaluation of suitable long staple cotton varieties / hybrids for rainfed condition of Chamarajanagar Dt. May 2006
1 Yr.
KVK, Chamarajanagar Dr.C.Doreswamy, Training Organizer, KVK, Chamarajanagar 0.15
6 DR/UAS/RP-6 Panama wilt disease of Nanjanagud Rasabale. June 2006
1 Yr.
ARS, Naganahalli Dr.K.T.Pandurange Gowda, Prof. & Co-Ordinator (Maize), ARS, Naganahalli, Mysore. 0.10
7 DR/UAS/RP-7 Identification & to use different types of dust formulations for the management of pests in organic farming situations June 2006
1 Yr.
ARS, Nagenahalli Dr.T.Shivashankar, Assoc. Prof. (Entomology), EEU, ARS, Nagenahalli, Mysore-570 003. 0.12
8 DR/UAS/RP-8 Molecular characterization and diversity analysis of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] June 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Ms.M.S.Uma, Sr. Sunflower Breeder. SESSP Scheme, ZARS, GKVK. 0.40
9 DR/UAS/RP-9 Studies on the performance of released potato hybrids in the Eastern Dry Zone of Karnataka. June 2006
1 Yr.
ARS, Balajiga-pade Dr.K.M.Indiresh, Professor (Veg. Crops) of Horticulture, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 0.10
10 DR/UAS/RP-10 Fertilizer scheduling for ginger in Hill Zone situations June 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mudigere Dr.M.Dinesh Kumar, Agronomist, AICRP on Spices, ZARS, Mudigere. 0.25
11 DR/UAS/RP-11 Evolving harmonious approaches for management of rice leaf roller Cnaphalocrosis medinalis (Lepidoptera : Pyralidae) June 2006
1 Yr.
Mudigere Dr.Jemla Naik, D.Jr. Entomologist,ZARS, Mudigere. 0.25
12 DR/UAS/RP-12 Response of maize hybrids to different plant density to sustain the productivity and quality of fodder June 2006
1 Yr
GKVK Mr.Nagaraju, Technical Officer, DR’s office, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 0.285
13 DR/UAS/RP-13 Evaluation of performance of paddy varieties under aerobic system of cultivation. July 2006
1 Yr.
Hebbal Dr.V.C.Reddy,Professor of Agronomy, DR’s Office, GKVK. Bangalore-65. 0.22
14 DR/UAS/RP-14/td> Collection and evaluation of somaclonal variants of Naine Banana July 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Dr.P.Narayanaswamy, Professor of Horticulture, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 0.20
15 DR/UAS/RP-15 Space technology for generation of Natural resource information system of ARS, Kathalagere July 2006
1 Yr.
ARS, Kathalagere Dr.A.Sathish, Asst. Prof. of Soil Science, MCCSR Scheme, ARS, Kathalagere 0.28
16 DR/UAS/RP-16 Survey, collection and DNA finger printing of local and land races of rice of Karnataka July 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Dr.Shailaja Hittalamani, Professor of GPB, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 0.15
17 DR/UAS/RP-17 Studies on methane emission and productivity of rice under crop establishment techniques. July 2006
1 Yr.
ARS, Kathala-gere Dr.R.C.Gowda, Prof. of Soil Science, AICRP on Weed Control, Hebbal, Bangalore 0.15
18 DR/UAS/RP-18 Establishment of mulberry germplasm and evaluation Aug. 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Dr.Chikkalingaiah, Assoc. Prof.(GPB), Dept. of Sericulture, AC, GKVK 0.20
19 DR/UAS/RP-19 Production of stunted exotic carp fingerlings and to study the growth response of exotic fingerlings during grow out phase to different plant leaves used as a source of feed Aug. 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mudigere Dr.A.V.Swamy, Asst. Prof. (Fisheries), ZARS, Mudigere 0.25
20 DR/UAS/RP-20 Developing soil health card for ZARS, Mudigere Aug. 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mudigere DrDr.M.Dinesh Kumar, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy), ZARS, Mudigere 0.28
21 DR/UAS/RP-21 Impact assessment of technologies adopted by the farmers in Mandya District Aug. 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mandya Dr.D.Raghupathi, Asst. Prof. (Agri.Extn.), ZARS, V.C.Farm, Mandya 0.165
22 DR/UAS/RP-22 Evaluation of sweet sorghum hybrids for ethanol production Aug. 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Dr.M.R.Gururaja Rao, Professor of GPB, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 0.40
23 DR/UAS/RP-23 Alternate land use system for sustainable production and environment in arid areas Aug. 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Hiriyur. Mr.Basavaraj L.Tamadaddi, Asst. Prof., ZARS, Hiriyur. 0.20
24 DR/UAS/RP-24 Studies on the performance of medicinal and aromatic as intercrops in coconut gardens of CDZ of Karnataka Sept. 2006
1 Yr.
ARS, Arasikere Mr.T.B.Basavaraju, Agronomist, ARS, Arasikere 0.40
25 DR/UAS/RP-25 INM in mulberry and its influence on rearing performance of young age silk worm Sept. 2006
1 Yr.
GKVK Dr.T.K.Narayana Swamy, Assoc. Prof. of Sericulture, AC, GKVK, Bangalore. 0.25
26 DR/UAS/RP-26 Evaluation of new CMS lines and hybrids in rice Sept. 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mandya Mr.S.Lingaraju, Assoc. Professor (Hybrid Rice), ZARS, V.C.Farm, Mandya. 0.50
27 DR/UAS/RP-27 Identification of productive mutants through induced mutagenesis to enhance the production potentiality of Niger Nov. 2006
1 Yr.
ZARS, Mudigere Dr.S.Gangaprasad, Breeder, AICRP on Spices, ZARS, Mudigere 0.30

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