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RAWE Programe

Millets Promotion and Farm Mechanization Seminar in Rawe Programme

Kalyanpura batch of RAWE in collaboration with Srikshetra Dharmastala Rural Development Programme jointly organized one day Seminar on “Cultivation Practices and Value Addition of Minor Millets and Use of Farm Mechanization in Agriculture” on 26/07/2017 at Maaruthi Temple premises in Kalyanpura, one of the RAWE villages in Tumkur Dist.

The RAWE students have demonstrated the value addition process of Ragi to about 500 farm women and farmers.

Sri Rajegowda, Member, Zilla Panchayat, Hebbur inaugurated the programme. Dr. Prabhaker, Project Co-ordinator, AICRP - Small Millets, Dr.D.Vijayalakshmi, Professor and Head, Department of Food Science & Nutrition have highlight the importance of Millets and their nutritive value. Dr.K.V.Jamuna, Dr. Shyamalamma, Dr.Prasannakumar and Dr.R.Vasantakumari, Scientists, UAS, Bengaluru participated in the event.

Dr.K.P.Raghuprasad, In-charge of RAWE batch and Sri Ramesh, Liaison Officer, SKDRD co-ordinated the Programme.


Inaugural programme of ICAR Sponsored Short Course

“Enhancing Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Indian Farming System through Precision Agriculture”

The inaugural programme of ICAR Sponsored Short Course on “Enhancing Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Indian Farming System through Precision Agriculture” was held 27.07.2017 at the Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture, GKVK, Bengaluru, to provide exposure to the scientists on recent techniques in Precision Agriculture practices with respect to water and nutrients. The programme was started with welcome address by Dr.K.N.Kalayanamurthy, Professor & Head and it was inaugurated by Dr.H.Shivanna, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, UAS, Bengaluru. In his inaugural address, he emphasized the importance of water and nutrients, the two important natural resources. He underscored the need for Precision Agriculture to increase farm income and reduce the cost of cultivation. He informed the delegates that it is essential to update the knowledge and skills of the researchers working towards developing Precision Farming practices which are important to enhance resource use efficiency. Dr.D.P.Kumar, Director of Education, UAS, Bengaluru emphasized the importance of possible synergetic effect through combination of components of Precision Agriculture. Dr.Shailaja Hittalamani, Dean Post Graduate Studies, UAS, Bengaluru highlighted the importance of Precision Agriculture under unpredictable climatic conditions. Dr.S.Rajendra Prasad, Dean (Agri.), College of Agriculture, GKVK, Bengaluru presided over the function. He emphasized the development of modern technology and strategies which are important for developing sustainable production practices. He also emphasized the need for vertical farming in Agriculture. Twenty five scientists from all over India attending the programme. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Dr.Mudalagiriyappa, Professor of Agronomy and Course Director, UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru.

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