Director Message

The University of Agricultural Sciences Bengaluru is a premier institution of agricultural education and research celebrated its golden jubilee recently and attained many laurels nationally and internationally. The University is catering the research needs of 10 southern districts of Karnataka, India coming under Eastern dry zone (Zone 5), Southern dry zone (Zone 6) and parts of the Central dry zone (Zone 4) and Southern transition zones (Zone 7). The University has state of art research facilities supported with classic laboratories, administrative buildings and other infrastructures to carry-out location specific research. There are nine Agricultural Research Stations, one Main Research Station and one Organic Farming Research Station monitored through two Zonal Research Stations at GKVK (Zone 4 & 5) and Mandya (Zone 6 & 7). The genomic facility, Marker Assisted Selection, bio-technology, center of excellence in dryland agriculture, small millets, Niche areas in insect taxonomy are worth mentioning facilities in the University.
The Vision of the directorate is to focus the University as most successful SAU in the country in conducting apt basic and applied research orienting towards livelihood security of Farmers.
The Mission of the directorate is for “Emphasis on participatory On-farm and on-station research on contemporary issues for increasing agricultural productivity and food security, besides protecting the environment in the region”.
The University is focusing its research in the frontier areas viz., Climate Resilient Agriculture, Biotechnology, Precision Agriculture, Nano-technology, Pre-breeding, Water productivity, Mechanization, Post harvest technology & Value addition, re-inventing location specific IFS models, ICT in agriculture, Market intelligence etc.,
There is a considerable convergence of thinking across regions on major trends, drivers, challenges and emerging science opportunities and this stream of thought was congruent with many of the ideas of the University. It has open eye towards apt basic and strategic research collaboration globally in attaining livelihood security of the farming community, besides scientific advancement in the field of agriculture.

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