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Sl No Project No Project Title Date of start
and duration
Location Scheme Head Amount
(Rs in Lakhs)
1 DR/T/NRI Sustainable management and molecular characterization of B. tabaci and tomato leaf curl virus on tomato in India. 1995 to
March 2008
GKVK Dr.K.T.Rangaswamy,Prof. of Plant Pathology, GKVK. 48234 £
2 DR/T-COLL-I /Mc. Knight Foundation Development of high yielding disease resistant and drought tolerant finger millet genotypes. June 2002
4 years
GKVK   86.00
3 DR/T-COLL-I/NCPGR Crop Improvement for better nutrition using AmA1 gene from Amaranthus hypochondriaus. Feb.2003
3 Years
GKVK Dr. H.E. Shashidhar, Prof. & Head, Dept. of GPB, GKVK, B’lore-65. 3.65
4 DR/T-COLL-2/ Krik House Trust Collection and maintenance of land races of Dolichos bean (Lab purpureus (L.) Sweet). Apr. 2003
3 years
GKVK Dr. M. Byregowda,Sr. Scientist, AICRP on Pigeonpea, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 3.98
5 DR/T-COLL-I/RF Marker assisted participatory plant breeding for enhanced drought resistance, improved productivity of rice challenged by stress. June 2003
3 years
GKVK Dr. H.E. Shashidhar, Prof. & Head, Dept. of GPB, GKVK, Bangalore 41.78
6 DR/T-COLL-I/RF Marker assisted Pyramiding of drought related traits, QTL main and epistatic effects and farmer participatory evaluation of elite lines in rainfed low lands of Karnataka under low moisture stress. June 2003
3 years
GKVK Dr. Shailaja Hittalamani, Prof., Dept. of GPB, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 37.09
7 DR/T-COLL-I/DFID/NPSP Enabling rural poor for better livelihood through improved natural resource management. July 2003
3 years
GKVK MDr. M.A.Shankar, Chief Scientist, DLAP, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 4.24
8 DR/T-COLL-I/JNU Conservation and sustainable Management of Below Ground biodiversity. Nov. 2003
5 Years.
GKVK Dr. A.N. Balakrishna, Assoc. Prof. of Ag. Microbiology, GKVK 40.00
9 DR/T-Coll-I/ CIDA Consolidation of Food Security in South India. Nov. 2003
5 years
GKVK Dr. B. Ranganna Professor & Research Engineer, PHT Scheme, GKVK, Bangalore-65 100.00
10 DR/T-Coll-I / Hindustan Lever Physiological and Molecular Regulation of Theanine and Monoterpene Biosynthesis in Tea. Nov. 2003
3 years
GKVK Dr. T.G. Prasad Professor (Rtd.), Dept. of Crop Physiology, GKVK 12.80
11 DR/T-Coll-I/ APNL Expression of Stress Induced Genes in Groundnut (Arachis hypogea) Under Water Stress. Feb. 2004
3 years
GKVK Dr. M. Udayakumar, Professor (Rtd.) of Crop Physiology GKVK. 8.74
12 DR/IFS-5 Relevance of mulberry nutrition in improving disease tolerance in mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L. March 2004
3 years.
GKVK Dr. A. Anita Peter, Asst. Prof., of Biotechnology, GKVK, Bangalore-65 3.038
13 DR/T-Coll/Krik House Trust (UK) Establishing a Production Center at Kuthingere March 2004
2 years
GKVK Dr. B. Ranganna Professor and Research Engineer, PHT Scheme, GKVK, Bangalore-65 3.00
14 DR/T-Coll-I/ IFPRI Evaluation of Food Retail Chains in India : Some evidence from South India. May 2004
2 years
GKVK Mr.B.M.R.Reddy, Associate Professor, Dept. of AgMaco., GKVK. 6.52
15 DR/T-Coll-USAID-ALO Partnering with higher education in India for improving nutritional quality of food by biotechnology approaches. May 2004
2 years
GKVK Dr.D.T.Theerthaprasad, Professor & Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, AC, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 45.14
16 DR/T-Coll-I/ NIF Scouting documentation & economic validation of traditional technical knowledge & grass rod innovations related to Agriculture and Allied sectors in Karnataka. June 2004
2 years
GKVK Dr. T.N.Prakash,Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Ag. Economics, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 5.46
17 DR/T-Coll-USAID-ALO The next generation developing India’s institutional capacity to conformt Agricultures 21st Century challenges. July 2004
2 years
GKVK Dr.N.Nagaraj, Professor of Ag. Economics, AC,GKVK 43.00
18 DR/T-Coll-I/ Rubber Board Investigations on the molecular physiology of tapping panel dryness Syndrome (TPD) in Hevea brasiliensis. Sept. 2004
GKVK Dr.M.Udayakumar, Professor (Rtd.) of Crop Physiology, GKVK, Bangalore-65 5.56
19 DR/T-Coll-Krik House Training and Research on molecular biological techniques for improvement of Dolichos crops. March 2005
One year
GKVK Dr.T.K.S.Gowda,DI(PGS), GKVK, Bangalore-65. 38.00
20 DR/T-Coll-I/ ITC EStudy of leaf structural and biochemical parameters as factors influencing filling quality and humidity of Tobacco. April 2005
2 years
GKVK Dr.M.Udayakumar, Professor (Rtd.) of Crop Physiology, GKVK, Bangalore-65 6.04
21 DR/T-Coll-/Krik House Trust Maintenance and training in using the gene-gun to the staff & students and to transform rice with glucanase–Chitanase gene to obtain blast resistance using gene-gun. May 2005
3 years
GKVK Dr.P.H.Ramanjini Gowda, Professor of Biotechnology, AC, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 12.93
22 DR/T-Coll-USAID USAID – Water energy NEXUS Project. May 2005
3 years
GKVK Dr.S.Suryaprakash, Professor, Dept. of Agril. Economics, AC, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 13.58
23 DR/T-Coll-PEPSICO Isolation and enumeration of Ralstomia solom cearum to determine the pathogen load to cause bacterial wilt in Potato in Hassan and Chikmagalur district & demonstration of sprinkler irrigation system v/s traditional system of irrigation June 2005
1 year
Madenur Dr.Venkatesh,Asst. Professor,ARS, Madenur. 0.65
24 DR/T-Coll-ISCB Switzerland Drought traits such as WUE and root traits based on stable isotope signals. June 2005
3 years
GKVK Dr.M.Udayakumar, Professor (Rtd.) of Crop Physiology, GKVK, Bangalore-65 18.00
25 DR/T-Coll-I/ITC Microbial enrichment of vermicompost and value addition to vermin extracts for plant growth promotion Aug. 2005
One year
GKVK Dr.D.Radhakrishna,Prof. & Head, Dept. of Ag. Microbiology, GKVK, Bangalore-65 . 0.91
26 DR/T-Coll-IFPRI Surveys on contract farming and related issues Sept. 2005
One year
GKVK Dr.N.Nagaraj, Professor of Ag. Economics, AC,GKVK 12.15
27 DR/T-Coll-I/IRRI Developing and disseminating resilient and productive rice varieties for drought – prone areas of India. Oct. 2005
3 years
GKVK Dr.H.E.Shashidhar,Prof. & Head, Dept. of GPB, GKVK, Bangalore. 15.84
28 DR/T-COLL-I/GBPU Survey of food service providers and consumers of domestic and indigenous food products Dec. 2005
2 years
GKVK Dr.Kamal G. Nath Professor of Food Science & Nutrition, GKVK. 2.67
29 DR/T-Coll-I/ Biostat Testing of Bio-efficacy of Biozyme Fruit plus and Roko on Grapes Dec. 2005
2 years
GKVK Dr.V.Nachegowda, Horticulturist (Pomology), Dept. of Hort., GKVK 1.00
30 DR/T-Coll-I/ MPM Characterization and utilization of effluents and sludges from Mysore Paper Mills for improving crop productivity Dec. 2005
2 years
ZARS, Shimoga. Dr.T.S.Vageesh,Chief Scientist (T), AINP on Tobacco, ZARS, Navile, Shimoga 5.80
31 DR/T-Coll-I / CSIR Links between oxidative stress and heavy metal stress through glutathione homeostasis : A study in groundnuts and rice seedlings. Jan. 2006
3 years
GKVK Dr.V.R.Shashidhar, Professor & Head, Dept. of Crop Physiology, GKVK. 9.82
32 DR/T-Coll.-I/ NBARD Evaluation of RIDF minor irrigation projects in Karnataka Jan. 2006
6 months
GKVK Dr.S.Suryaprakash,Prof., Dept. of Agril. Economics, AC, GKVK 4.99
33 DR/T-Coll-I/ Rockfeller Aerobic rice popularization and dissemination of MAS products and elite lines for water limited regions of Karnataka – India Jan. 2006
3 years
GKVK Dr.Shailaja Hittalamani,Prof., of GPB, GKVK, Bangalore-65. $ 45000/
34 DR/T-Coll-I/ Kirkhouse Genetic enhancement of Dolichos bean through integration of conventional breeding and molecular approaches March 2006
2 Years
GKVK Dr. M. Byregowda,Sr. Scientist , AICRP on Pigeon Pea, GKVK. 9.02
35 DR/T-Coll-I/ ICRISAT Development of drought stress specific ESTs in peanut March 2006
One Year
GKVK Dr. M. Udayakumar, Prof. (Rtd.) of Crop Physiology, GKVK. 11.21
36 DR/T-Coll-I/ Kirkhouse Mapping morphological and molecular diversity of anthronose (fruit rot) causing colletotrichum sps. Followed by tagging, mapping and validation of QTLS for anthronose in hot pepper. March 2006
3 Years
GKVK Dr. A.Mohan Rao, Asst. Prof., Dept of GPB, AC, GKVK, Bangalore-65 26.36
37 DR/T-Coll-I/ Coffee Board Evaluation of programmes / Schemes of Coffee Development in North East Region and non traditional areas under plan scheme programmes to step up production during 10th plan (2002-07 March 2006
3 Months
GKVK Dr. G. Eshwarappa,DE & Coordinator &Dr.N.R.GangadharappaPI & Prof. (Ag.Ext.), AC, GKVK, B’lore. 6.00
38 DR/T-Coll-I/ NRI & AVRDC Sustainable integrated management of white flies as vectors of plant viruses in tropics : Promotion and dissemination of outputs generated through previous crop protection programme March 2006
3 yrs
Hebbal Dr.N.Nagaraju, Asst. Prof. (EEU), DE’s Office, Hebbal 26.67
39 DR/T/Coll-I/ Excell Minerals Evaluation of Calcium Silicate as Silicon sources in aerobic & wetland rice May 2006
1 year
GKVK Dr.N.B.Prakash,Assoc. Prof. of SS&AC,AC, GKVK. 5.40
40 DR/T/Coll-I/ ICRISAT Molecular characterization and diversity analysis of cowpea germplasm June 2006
One year
GKVK Dr.M.S.Uma, Assoc. Prof. of Super Elite Sunflower Seed Prod. Scheme, ZARS, GKVK. $4900
41 DR/T/Coll-I/ SKKLLJ Sterile common carp seed production and culture in Andhra Pradesh June 2006
2 years
Hebbal Dr. G.P.S. Rao, Prof. of Inland Fisheries, Hebbal, Bangalore-24. 6.0
42 DR/T/Coll-I/ Spent Wash Monitoring of one time application of spent wash June 2006
1 year
GKVK DrCA.SreenivasamurthyProf. of SS&AC,GKVK. 33.06
43 DR/T-Coll-I/ Novozymes Studies on evaluating the performance of Novozyme bio-fertilizers and fungicides on growth, yield and quality of certain vegetables & fruit crops July 2006
1 year
GKVK Dr.N.C.Narasegowda &Dr.V.Nachegowda Profs. of Horticulture, GKVK. 9.98
44 DR/T-Coll-I/ KSCST Raising of seedlings of Pongamia for distribution to farmers July 2006
1 year
GKVK Dr.K.T.Prasanna, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Forestry & Env. Sci., GKVK. 3.76
45 DR/T-Coll-I/ Namdhari Management of Bacterial Blight of Pomegranate July 2006
2 yrs
GKVK Dr.A.N.A.Khan,Prof . & Head, Dept. of Pl. Pathology, AC, GKVK, B’lore. 2.82
46 DR/T-Coll-I/ AVRDC Taiwan Pioneering development of a public private partnership in the use of Agribiotechnology for sustainable solutions to insect problems July 2006
1 year
GKVK Dr.A.R.V.Kumar, Associate Professor, AICRP on White Grubs, Dept. of Entomology, GKVK, Bangalore-65 1.38
47 DR/T-Coll-I/ PPICIP Investigations on balanced fertilization for maize – redgram cropping sequence in alfisols of Karnataka July 2006
2 years
GKVK Dr.M.A.Shankar,Chief Scientist, DLAP, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 2.40
48 DR/T-Coll-I/ IFS(Student Project) Sweden Identification of thermotolerant inbred lines of KBSH-1 Sunflower hybrid by temperature induction response (TIR) techniques Aug. 2006
1 year
GKVK Mr.M.Senthil Kumar, Ph.D Student, Dept. of Crop Physiology, GKVK $12000
49 DR/T-Coll-I/ Krik House Trust Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding for Resistant to Yellow Mosaic Virus Disease in Horsegram. Aug. 2006
1 year
GKVK Dr. K.P. Viswanatha, Professor (Pl. Br.), Arid Legumes, ZARS, GKVK, Bangalore-65. 2.71
50 DR/T-Coll-I/ Grasim India Ltd. Establishment of Research and Development Wing for Captive Plantations of Eucalyptus Oct. 2006
3 months
LAOS Dr.Ramakrishna Hegde, Asst. Professor, Forestry College, Ponnampet. $6750

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