Other Learning Centers

Apart from the regular curriculum offered in the various constituent colleges of the university, a number of other formal and informal avenues have been made available to foster further learning to and training of students. These avenues serve as strong centers of learning and over the years have been expanding. A few of the more important learning centers are briefly described below - 
Botanical Garden
The university has a Botanical Garden spanning an area of about 100 acres at the GKVK Campus. The Garden established during 1975 has been planned meticulously and has been organized into different sections representing the various plant families. The Garden is supported by a well-developed Herbaria which is attended to by a full-time Curator. The Garden is being regularly updated with collections from all over the state especially from the Western Ghats. Several ad-hoc research programmes have been in operation at the Garden. Over the years the Garden has become an important centre of learning for both graduate and research students. A number of departments use the Garden facilities to impart practical taxonomic knowledge to the students, while the research students source important and otherwise not easily accessible material from the Gardens.
Sanjeevini Vana
In close physical proximity to the Botanical Garden is the Sanjeevini Vana, a garden exclusively devoted to the maintenance of medicinal and aromatic plants. The Vana is being maintained by the Division of Horticulture and is one of the few such gardens in the state. More than 300 different plant species are being maintained here and information on a variety of issues related to their occurrence, distribution, propagation etc are being researched at the Vana. The garden serves as an important field educational material for students, research scholars and of course to lay men. A number of students have obtained their higher degrees researching upon the species available at the Vana.
Agricultural Museum
The university has established an Agricultural Museum located at the Hebbal campus. The museum includes exhibits representing major advancements in the different disciplines of agricultural sciences including agriculture, veterinary, fisheries, sericulture etc. The museum also contains a section, which demonstrate live the various concepts of agricultural technology including the performance of high-yielding strains of plants and animals, watershed practices, threshing and harvesting techniques etc. Though designed to offer a window of the different activities to the lay public the museum, especially the live one is used extensively to impart training to the students of the college. The live museum, a part of Agriculture museum of the university which exhibits the live specimens of different animals, fish and poultry breeds in addition different crop species and varieties, in fact it is a unique learning facility of the university. It has been attracting attention of the college and school students all over the Bangalore.

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