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 Mr. Devaraj
Dr. Devaraj
University Librarian & Co-PI of e-Granth Project
UAS Library, GKVK
Bangalore – 560 065
+91-94498 66909
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The University Library is kept open for 12 hours on working days and for limited hours on Saturday and Sundays. Students and staff of the University can become the members of the Library, whereas bonafide outsiders who come with the introductory letters from their institutions/ ID card provided by our University Library are permitted for consultation only.
The Library has created a database of Books, Journals, Theses, Reports and Reference sources and it’s made available through ‘OPAC’. The library has also created databases of current periodicals, CD’s, on-line Journals subscribed and digitized database of Theses available in the Library. It also has contributed to the project Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-Granth) by setting up a work station for digitization of old resources prior to 1960, which is housed in the library building. Library also is in process of developing a video library which will enable access to all the videos related to agriculture, Video lectures and related materials for the benefit of faculty, students and other individuals related to agriculture research and development. Implementation of RFID system is in process which will enable individuals to check in n check out at their ease. Recently library has migrated from Soul to Koha which has comparatively more advantages. Thus the university library has implemented and will adopting new technologies to keep pace with the growing information needs of the community to provide better information services.
Working Hours
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 8.30pm
Saturday 8.30am to 4.00pm
Sunday 8.30am to 12.30pm

Library remains closed on Government Holidays

  • Kannada Section:The Library has separate section for literature in Kannada language (vernacular language). Wherein the UASB published Government of Karnataka, Kannada Sahitya Parishath published books & other Publishers have been kept for both in borrowing /reference sections for the benefit of the readers.
  • Research cubical– A Unique Seating Facility:
    The University Main Library has 40 Research Cubicles each measuring 10x10 sq. ft. each equipped with a table chair fan with good lighting facility with lock & key. The PG students can avail this Research Cubicles Facility & execute their Thesis writing, analysis & reference work in the most congenial atmosphere without much disturbance from other students. This service is being extended to all the PG students on first com first serve basis.
  • Computer Laboratory:
    A Computer Lab with free internet facility has been established. This lab has 60 computers with modern work station and Wi-Fi facility for 60 students at a time. The Student can browse & access the internet for referring e-Journals & also mail checking.
  • Video Library :
    The Library has procured necessary automation equipments, furniture’s, and established the video library for the benefit of the students and faculties. The video library provides an opportunity for student/faculties to listen/attend lecture sessions of live streaming & also the recorded video will be uploaded to server which can viewed by students and staff
  • RFID Technology:
    The RFID Technology (Radio frequency identification technology) has been adopted for stock verification, asset management and self Check-in & Check-out facility at main library.
Books (including Back Volumes) 1,52,063
Pamphlets 11,032
Thesis/Dissertations 10,465
Reports 17,920
Microfilms 68
Microfiche 167
Maps 78
CD ROM’s/DVD’s 293
Total 1,92,086
'Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-GRANTH)'
is a subproject under component-1 of National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in India comprises of Agricultural Research Institutions and Agricultural Universities.
It provides digital access to library resources of 12 different research institutes and agricultural universities which include OPAC, important institutional repositories, rare books and old journals and makes them publically accessible over internet under NARS with Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) partnership.
Objectives of the Project:
  • To create Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) under “Indian Agricultural Research Group Catalogue” of all 12 library resources with Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) partnership.
  • To digitize important institutional repositories (limited to IARI, IVRI and UAS, Bangalore) including rare books and old journals and make them open access under NARS.
  • To strengthen capacity building for library and information management system (open to all libraries of NARS).
Documents for Digitization:
The following documents are considered for digitization
  • Institutes own Publications
  • Author Publications (Reprints. Preprints etc.)
  • Indian Journals (with consent of Publisher/ Society for Copyright)
  • Rare Books (50-60 yrs. old)
  • Theses
  • Reports
  • Subscribed Foreign journals (Old Issues)
University Library is a partner of Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC) (WORLD CAT) under the e-Granth project. With the help of World Cat, our users access the metadata of 200 million documents available in 72,000 Libraries across the globe. Under this project about 1000+Library Catalogue Records have been added to the World Cat, 38,067 titles of University Library documents have been tagged to the World Cat and 8,64000 pages have been scanned, cropping and converted to PDF-A format and made available to lead centre for further upload to website.
“e-Granth” Project Team

“e-Granth” Project Digitization Team
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    University Library has subscribed several Online Journals, Offline Databases, e-books, e-journals from 2007 onwards. In addition to this ICAR under NAIP Programme is providing access to 1706 full text journals related to the field of Agriculture and allied subjects.
  • Book Borrowing Facilities:- All house keeping activities including circulation and bar-coded. All the members of the University Library are issued with Electronic and Bar-coded membership card with Photograph. Books are issued to user through computer aided system and the user can see his/her status of membership and also his/her account on line.
  • Database of Current Periodicals:- In order to provide up to date and latest scientific information to the users, the Library is getting 294 Periodicals (print) including 49 foreign periodicals.
  • On-line Current awareness Service:- New books, Journals, Theses Reports, and Other information sources added to the University Library will be intimated to the UAS Scientists and Teachers through the e-mail and these can also be accessed through the UAS, Bangalore Website.
  • NON- CREDIT COURSE for PG Student:- To educate the users about how to access resources in library and utilize them using the new technology university library is conducting compulsory course “Library and Information Science Course PGS501 (0+1) NON- CREDIT COURSE for Master Degree Program” in library and information science as per academy regulation since 2010.
  • Text Book Bank for SC/ST Students:- The Library has separate Text Book Bank for SC/ST students over pursuing studies at UAS, Bangalore. This bank issues the books to the needy students for a given semesters for reference & use. The Text Book Bank has collection of 10,000 books in the area of Agricultural Sciences & Technology and Allied subjects.
  • Inter Library loan:- Publications that are not available in the Library and are requested by users can be obtained on loan from other Institutes, likewise publication will also be lent out on a reciprocal basis to other Institutes.
  • Reprographic Service:- Xerox / Photocopying service is made available in the Library at a nominal cost.
  • Reference Service:-Library Professionals are pleased to help the users in locating and disseminating information from the available sources in the Library.
  • User Education:- As a part of the dissemination of information the Library professionals are pleased to explain in detail the varieties of information sources available in the library.
  • CCTV:- The Library has been equipped with CCTV for effective monitoring of each sections & movement of the users & security reasons.
Dr. Devaraj
Dr. Devaraj
University Librarian
(CCPI of e-Granth Project)

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+91-94498 66909
Dr. K.Nagabhushanam
Sri. V. Srinivasa
Assistant Librarian
(CCPI of e-Granth Project)

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+91-99865 90565
Dr. K.Nagabhushanam
Smt. S. Lalitha
Assistant Librarian

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Dr. K.Nagabhushanam
Sri. M. Papegowda
Assistant Librarian

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+91-98440 76393
Sri. K.S. Sridhara Murthy
Sri. K.S. Sridhara Murthy
Senior Processing

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+91-93430 35416

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