Post Graduate Studies (M. Sc Programme)

Dr. N. Krishnamurthy
Dean of Post Graduate Studies,
University of Agricultural Sciences,
GKVK Campus, Bengaluru-560065, India.
080 23330422
080 23330422
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M. Sc programme

The Masters degree programmes are offered in the faculty of Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Agricultural Marketing Co-operation and Agricutural Engneering. The residential requirement is 2 years for Masters degree programme.
Subject Year of Commencement Degree Awarded
Agricultural Entomology 1966-67 Master of Science (Agri)
Agricultural Extension * 1966-67 Master of Science (Agri)
Agricultural Microbiology 1966-67 Master of Science (Agri)
Plant Pathology 1966-67 Master of Science (Agri)
Soil Science & Agril.Chemistry 1966-67 Master of Science (Agri)
Agricultural Economics * 1968-69 Master of Science (Agri)
Horticulture 1971-72 Master of Science (Agri)
Agronomy 1973-74 Master of Science (Agri)
Genetics & Plant Breeding 1973-74 Master of Science (Agri)
Crop Physiology 1974-75 Master of Science (Agri)
Food Science & Nutrition 1975-76 Master of Science (Agri)
Agricultural Statistics 1975-76 Master of Science (Agri)
Plant Biochemistry 1976-77 Master of Science (Agri)
Seed Science & Technology 1976-77 Master of Science (Agri)
Floriculture 1976-77 Master of Science (Hort)
Olericulture 1976-77 Master of Science (Hort)
Plantation Crops 1976-77 Master of Science (Hort)
Pomology 1976-77 Master of Science (Hort)
Sericulture 1981-82 Master of Science (Seri.)
Soil & Water Conservation Engineering 1987-88 Master of Technology
(Agricultural Engineering)
Post Harvest Process & Food Engineering 1989-90 Master of Technology
(Agricultural Engineering)
Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops 1989-90 Master of Science (Hort)
Agril. Marketing & Cooperation * 1994-95 Master of Science (Agri)
Plant Biotechnology 1996-97 Master of Science (Agri)
Apiculture 1997-98 Master of Science (Agri)
Forestry 2001-02 Master of Science (Forestry)
Environmental Science 2007-08 Master of Science (Agri)
Agri. Business Management 2007-08 Master of Business Administration
The University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore is an academic partner of the International Academic Post Graduate Program: International Masters in Rural Development (IMRD)

Ph. D Programme

The Doctoral degree are offered in the faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture.The residential requirement is 3 years for Ph.D program.
Subject Year of Commencement Degree Awarded
Argil. Microbiology 1966-67 Doctor of Philosophy
Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry 1966-67 Doctor of Philosophy
Argil. Entomology 1969-70 Doctor of Philosophy
Plant Pathology 1969-70 Doctor of Philosophy
Argil. Economics 1974-75 Doctor of Philosophy
Argil. Extension 1974-75 Doctor of Philosophy
Horticulture 1974-75 Doctor of Philosophy
Agronomy 1975-76 Doctor of Philosophy
Genetics & Plant Breeding 1974-76 Doctor of Philosophy
Crop Physiology 1976-77 Doctor of Philosophy
Sericulture 1986-87 Doctor of Philosophy
Seed Science & Technology 1987-88 Doctor of Philosophy
Foods & Nutrition 1991-92 Doctor of Philosophy
Plant Biotechnology 2003-04 Doctor of Philosophy

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