• To make agricultural education responsive to the growing and changing needs of the society in general and aspirations of the farming community in particular.
  • To establish a dynamic system of agricultural education to train highly skilled and competent manpower to address the challenging tasks with new emerging areas of research, extension and industry.
  • To develop suitable end-use technologies to solve farmers’ problems vis-à-vis agricultural production including animal husbandry and fisheries and foster research aimed at conceptual advances in all disciplines for technology development in the long run.
  • To establish state-of-art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories, extensive farmlands and an operational research management system that will ensure quick, efficient and cost effective implementation of research programmes.
  • To attract qualified and talented personnel to undertake research in the University.
  • To ensure that the research findings and innovations, after their proven demonstration, are communicated to the farmers on a logistically feasible scale. This mechanism acts as an interface between farmers and researchers and enables identification of problems through a positive feed back.
  • To reach the knowledge and technology to farmers on a wider scale by training the grassroot level workers and officers of the state departments of agriculture, horticulture and sericulture on recent advances in the respective fields through subject matter specialists

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